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Stump Grinding | Tree Trimming and Removal

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In addition to tree cutting and tree trimming, John and Joe Tree Service provides several other professional tree services. These services include stump grinding, stump removal, lot clearing, and storm clean-up for homes and businesses in Greater Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

Stumps can be an eyesore in your yard. They get in the way when you’re mowing the lawn or playing frisbee with your dog or catch with the kids. John and Joe Tree Service offers stump grinding and stump removal to rid your yard of stumps. With stump grinding, we grind the stump and visible roots, whereas with stump removal, we dig out the stump and underground roots. Stump removal requires extra lawn maintenance. We fill in the hole with topsoil, level out the lawn, and spread grass seed. The result is a noticeably more attractive lawn without the tripping hazards.

Lot Clearing for New Construction

Need a lot cleared for new construction? John and Joe Tree Service has the professional lot-clearing equipment and experience to prepare the property for the next phase of construction. We can cut down trees of all sizes and species, chip the limbs and brush, and haul away the wood and debris. John and Joe Tree Service clear lots in and around Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Emergency Storm Damage Clean-up

Wisconsin’s storms can cause damage to houses, garages, and outbuildings. High winds can twist and knock down trees, causing a messy inconvenience and safety concerns. When storms damage your property, call your insurance agent first and John and Joe Tree Service second. We offer safe, affordable, and timely emergency storm damage clean-up so you can get back to the comfort of daily living.