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Tree trimming should be done if branches pose a safety risk to your property or yourself if they were to fall, if a branch is too close to a power line, if there is a dead or diseased branch that could infect the rest of the tree, and if it is becoming aesthetically unruly. Typically trees should be trimmed once a year. Trees can be trimmed any time of the year, with the exception of oak trees which need to wait until after October 1st.  

While a tree can come down any time of year, signs that you have a dying tree that may need to be removed are no leaves growing during warm months, broken and dead branches, and bark falling off of the tree. Some things that can kill trees are nails, sudden changes in the weather, and disturbance of the tree’s roots.

Stump grinding is the easier method and does not leave a large hole that needs to be filled so there is less damage to your landscaping. Grinding focuses on removing the main stump piece and visible roots, so underground roots will remain underground until they rot away. Stump removal will remove more of the underground roots, but will require some maintenance to even out your top soil.